If you are planning to own a unique home with personality and character, house plans by Noris Ventures is your first step to achieving that goal. We offer you an affordable one stop design & build solution. For those who own a piece of land and know exactly what you like, but do not know where to start and how to assemble the right team of people whom you can trust to build a home, we at Noris Ventures can assist you. For discerning crowd of hardworking and knowledgeable people who do not have the time to design and build the home that will perfectly meet their needs, Noris Ventures is available for assistance.

Our goal is to make quality home designs that are beautiful, but yet affordable. An original custom made home can cost 10% or more of the construction budget, but Noris Ventures can save you thousands because our house plan customization is simplified.

Basically, we

  • Design and build new residential homes
  • Provide interior design consultation
  • Assist in landscape design
  • Provide renovation works
  • Aid in home loan application process

As part of the initiative, we have mass-customized the bungalows to reduce the cost of designing homes. Our full process covers home building to the completion of the project. Most importantly, we put our client’s interest above all, while considering magnificence and beautiful design in mind.